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Thomas Rhett‘s hectic schedule could be compared to a three-ring circus. In addition to juggling the release of a highly anticipated album, Rhett is adapting to life as a father and learning to raise two girls, Willa Gray and Ada James.

Rhett and his wife Lauren adopted nearly-2-year-old Willa from Africa in May of 2017, and they’ve learned that she’s all about music. The “Craving You” singer reveals that the second Willa hears a catchy drum beat, she’s up and dancing or spinning around the room in circles. But what’s even more special is that Willa recognizes her dad’s voice on the radio.

“We’ll be riding in the car and ‘Unforgettable‘ will come on the radio and she’ll go ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy?'” Rhett tells Taste of Country and other media. “And so I think she knows the sound of my voice enough to even where she hears it in a song, she can pick out that that’s a song that I sing.”

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