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In the most recent rap battle on TBS’s Drop The Mic Tuesday (Jan. 9), the show pitted veteran girl-power icon Shania Twain against relative newbie Meghan Trainor—and the claws came out, the sparks flew, and just about every single hit (between the two artists' catalogs) was referenced.

Trainor had plenty of fodder, working such lines as "When I was told I'd be battling one of my idols/I wondered if beating her was worth the title/When they told me who, I said 'beg your pardon?'/Shania Twain, no problem, I thought you meant Dolly Parton."

Ooo, burn. But Twain seamlessly ran the youngster into the ground with a variety of even worse clapbacks, including gems such as "I ran into trouble when my voice was disappearing/but after hearing your new song I wish it were my hearing," and "I’ve sold a hundred million albums in my career/but I’m super proud of you Meghan, you’ve had a couple fun years."


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