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Ashley McBryde is as fierce as they come, but even she was nervous the first time she met one of country music's biggest stars, Eric Church.

Long before she landed a record deal and became one of the genre's most buzzed-about new artists, Church took notice of McBryde's talent. Really, he was one of her earliest fans. The "Girl Goin' Nowhere" singer tells Taste of Country about the first time she met Church and his wife, Katherine, at an office meeting.

"They said 'We're big fans!' and I went, 'Oh God, that's so backwards,'" McBryde says, laughing at the ridiculousness. "But it was nice."

Not long after, Church invited the burgeoning star to his show in Chicago in April of 2017 and surprised her with an invitation to perform with him that night. She stunned the crowd with a raw, acoustic version of her own "Bible and a .44."


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