ABC Cigar Pairing



April/May 2017


Rocky Patel 99 and Los Rijos

Los Rijos Añejo is a full-bodied tequila with notes of pepper and tobacco that linger on the palate. This is a perfect mate for the Rocky Patel 99 Toro with its mild spice and creamy smoke.


Olivia V Double Robusto and Patron Anejo

Patron Añejo is a complex tequila with a wonderfully oaky taste profile accented by hints of vanilla and honey. It ends with a caramel, smoky finish. The complexity of the Oliva V Double Robusto presents a bold spice mix that doesn't get overwhelmed by this rich tequila.


Liga Undercrown Shade and Corazon Blanco

Corazon Blanco is a tequila that is light to medium in body but not light in spice flavor. Mild citrus notes along with a bold peppery presence makes this a great pairing with the Liga Undercrown Shade. The Shade, like the Corazon Blanco, is mild to medium in body with some nutty and spicy notes that are delivered in a rich, creamy smoke.


Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully and Cazadores Reposado

Cazadores is rested in Virgin American Oak for 2 to 11 months which gives it notes of citrus and smoky wood. The medium-bodied Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully adds just the right amount of nuttiness and sweet spice flavors to this "rested" tequila.


Macanudo Gold Label Tudor Connecticut Toro + Champagne

The delicate taste of sparkling wine needs a cigar that won’t overpower. Choose a cigar that is light-bodied and mild like the Macanudo Gold Label Tudor.


Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Cameroon Perfecto + Mimosa

Champagne cocktails call for a mild to medium cigar that is delicate enough to compliment the Champagne, but can hold its own against whatever juice or spirit has been added. With subtle sweetness and a hit of pepper and leather, cigars with Cameroon wrappers are the perfect pairing.


Drew Estate Nica Rustica + Bloody Mary

If it’s hair of the dog you are seeking then grab an equally inspiring cigar. A strong cigar, especially one full of peppery Nicaraguan tobacco, goes great with a Bloody Mary.


Henninger (892738) with La Aurora 1987 Connecticut Robusto (960470)

This light and refreshing German import lager has some mild malty sweetness that pair well with the La Aurora Connecticut.  The mild to medium robusto has a faint citrusy sweetness in its background, along with hints of roasted nuts that work well with that malty sweetness of the brew. This is a nice pairing on a hot day!


High Heel Slingback (434128) with Montecristo White Label #3 (956270)

A very fruity beer with strong flavors of both pear and passion fruit and a slight tanginess that demanded a smoke with some sweetness and full flavor. The Montecristo White Label was perfect for this brew because of its medium body yet full flavor that could hold up to the strong fruitiness of the berry. The sweet earthiness and wood flavors of the smoke were a nice complement to the tangy fruit.


Funky Buddha Hop Gun (906190) and Perdomo Craft Series Epicure Pilsner (856570)

A big and powerfully hopped IPA. Lots of grapefruit and pineapple notes need a great smoke to tame the beast. The Perdomo Craft Series Pilsner cigars are perfect companions for this IPA with their mild and grassy Connecticut wrapper and a bit of peppery spice to cut through the hoppiness. The cigar finishes off with a touch of creaminess to play against the sharpness of the brew.


Rekorderlig Wild Berries Hard Cider and Ashton Classic Corona (396770)

A nicely carbonated and very light cider flavored with wild berries calls for a very light and mild smoke. The Ashton Classic Corona is a perfect match with its mild Connecticut wrapper and mellow Dominican fillers. The slight nuttiness and creaminess of the smoke enhances the delicious flavors of this tasty imported cider.

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