Chad and Jenn

Chad started playing in radio while attending USF in Tampa (GO BULLS!). He started as an intern with Big Rig on 98ROCK and in the promotions department at US103.5 and 98ROCK. He then moved on-air at 98ROCK until graduation. After graduating he moved to Orlando and worked for iHeartMedia/101.1 WJRR for seven years before joining JVC Broadcasting and The Wolf! Chad has a seven year old daughter and a very patient wife! In his spare time, he attends any USF sporting event possible, enjoys anything on, in, and around the water, spending weekends at the theme parks with the fam, and volunteering.

Jenn was a Collegiate volleyball athlete who intended on majoring in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Elementary Ed, and General Studies. She then decided to focus on one major, gave Communications a try, and the light bulb went off in her head. Jenn began her broadcasting career at The Wolf in Orlando, and has worked at several stations in Orlando including WOMX, WOCL, and WQMP. She has a fish named Fishgerald, a dog named Stich, and two children. Girls. The drama.