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Maddie & Tae Singer Admits Depression After Losing Record Deal

Maddie & Tae admit they went into 2017 hoping for a year to grow and push themselves out of their comfort zones, and that's exactly what happened — for better or worse.

In the reflective 10-minute video, the duo pour their hearts out to fans, revealing that they suddenly lost their record deal after their label, Dot Records, was shut down. Though they have since been signed to Universal Music Group, Maddie Marlow says she went through depression during those uncertain times.

"If I'm being honest, I went through a really, pretty tough depression after the label thing happened ... I kind of always was the person that had a plan, had it figured out, and I never kind of been like dropped on my ass before," Marlow explains (around the five-minute mark). "That was really hard and my self worth was tied into it, my purpose, everything."


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