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Taylor Swift Is the Other Woman in Sugarland's Babe' Video — See a Juicy Teaser!

Anticipation has hit a fever pitch for the "Babe" music video. Taylor Swift released a sneak peek of her collaboration with Sugarland on her socials on Wednesday (June 6) night, and it's ... juicy!

The clip features a red-haired Swift starring with a retro-looking Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, but Swift is actually the 'other woman' — the one Nettles' man stepped out to fool around with. The "Babe" video throws it old school, putting the trio in the 1950s. Nettles even plays a housewife, at home all gussied up as she sets the table for dinner with her cheating man, but it seems he's not coming home on time ...

The full video for "Babe" will premiere on Saturday (June 9), and it's not clear how things will end.


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