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Keith Urban Takes Fans Inside Rehearsals for Graffiti U Tour [Watch]

Keith Urban is preparing to head out on the road on his Graffiti U Tour, and he's taking fans behind the scenes of the rehearsals in this Taste of Country exclusive.

In the clip above, Urban says he and the musicians that play on the road with him have been running through the songs for several days to get ready for the tour, which launches June 15 in St. Louis, Mo. There are some new surprises for fans on the upcoming tour dates as far as staging goes.

"A couple of things we can't talk about just yet, but during the show, there'll be a change of scenery, let's just say," Urban says with a laugh. "That's gonna be very fun."

Urban's keyboard player has been using an electronic system onstage for the last few tours called the Phantom, and he's invented a Phantom 2.0 for the new tour that Urban describes as "pretty intergalactic," which will bring some other new elements to the show.


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