Thoughts…Paid Menstrual Leave for Periods?

How do you feel about companies offering to pay menstrual leave for PERIODS? 

This is something Spain is considering right now.  There’s a bill that would be offering UNLIMITED paid days off with a doctor’s note.  And the government would be paying for it, not the employer.

I can honestly tell you I know many women who suffer and cry in excruciating pain from many of their periods. And A few countries have already implicated similar laws. Japan, Taiwan, Indonesian, Zambia, just to name a few. And Spain would be the first country in Europe to be putting this into effect. However, Spain’s parliament would have to vote for it, and that could take a while.

According to EURONEWS, People who support the bill say it shouldn’t be the norm for women to go to work in pain every month.  But others think it could backfire and stigmatize women, so companies would be less likely to hire them.